About TFS

Mission Statement

The Friendship School is a leading magnet school for pre-kindergarten aged children that partners with families to foster kindness and a life-long love of learning through exploration, curiosity, and leadership.

 About The School

Our Anchors of Learning

TFS Learner Success is ensured through a school environment rich in literacy, numeracy, inquiry, exploration, and research-based teaching practices.
TFS Partnerships with families are an integral part of a child's growth, development, and success.
TFS Relationships and social development are important for a child's overall growth and development.
TFS Diversity, inclusion, and respect are a foundation for young learners.
TFS Collaboration and the sharing of effective practices are a cornerstone for educators assuring the highest quality teaching and learning.

Inquiry-based Learning

The Friendship School's magnet theme is inquiry.  Our curriculum is composed of the use of Creative Curriculum as a framework, standards based curricula (Eureka math program, Fundations), and teacher-designed transdisciplinary themes with content area topics decided upon based on student interest through an inquiry process.

Once an interest is decided upon, the instructional process is through exploration and discovery, and is cross-curricular.  Young children are naturally curious and wish to explore their environment.  They do best when given the opportunity to explore topics that are of interest to them and that build upon familiar experiences.  This inquiry spans across different domains and curricular areas and will naturally link to learning standards and progressions with proper planning and implementation, by scaffolding students to use skills that have already been mastered.

Teachers present a general transdisciplinary theme from which the class or groups of students decide the content area topics for learning.  The transdisciplinary themes are:
Who We Are
How We Express Ourselves
Sharing the Planet
How the World Works

Because student interest drives the content, student perspectives and voices are reflected and embedded throughout.  For more information, please visit the Academics section of our website.

Social-Emotional Learning

The Friendship School's Culture & Climate team, made up of a group of teachers, special educators, and the school social worker, has developed a unique blend of social-emotional supports that are tailored to the needs of our unique school.  Principles of Conscious Discipline and Responsive Classroom are implemented by all teachers and staff members at our school.  Conscious Discipline pairs with the Creative Curriculum framework and is practiced jointly with our Head Start partners.  Responsive Classroom helps teachers and students to create and maintain a warm, welcoming, friendly environment in each classroom and throughout the school.  Intentional greetings and connections through morning meeting time contribute to a positive school community.  These practices rest upon our school's core values: "Take care of yourself, each other, and our school."


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